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... for small businesses that want to grow big. We love the stories of humble beginnings, the vision unfurling over time, and the journey ... But today, more than ever, the small business has to think differently about marketing if it wants to thrive in the ever-changing marketplace. Approaching marketing as a system instead of a collection of tasks isn't just smart, it's absolutely necessary to thrive in the new economy.



My advice for small business success ... show up like David facing Goliath and whatever you do ... don't forget your slingshot!

Robin Harris, 3Hellos



How Are You Showing Up?

Today businesses need to put forth effort to guard their digital footprint. Getting found online is not as easy as it use to be. Static brochure sites and social media posts of cute puppies and kittens doesn’t work. Social marketing is a mystery, even to large business, but getting it right is essential for success in today’s market.

Technology and the Internet have changed everything. Both offline and online businesses need to show up, at the right time, in the right way online and off. Click the button below to get a customized report that gives you a summary overview of your website’s current digital state. This is what Google sees and is likely to impact performance and a visitor’s first impression.

What We Do


Often businesses turn too quickly to tactics. We look at strategy first. The right strategies illuminate the set of tactics that will get the job done.


We research your opportunities and help you design the right solution for your business. The design is then transformed into an execution plan.


A great design and a poor implementation is recipe for disaster. Flawless execution is a myth, but effective execution is how we deliver real results.

25+ years in Corporate managing IT Projects, Compliance, Audits, and creating business solutions that solve tough problems has taught me a few things. Big business has an advantage but change is hard. Small businesses can be more agile, responsive, and connected but still... change that is triggered by external factors can be hard to accommodate. Market changes, policy changes like GDPR and privacy, technology changes ... this is the era of change. It's imperative that companies, no matter how small, manage their digital presence. Smart marketing is holistic; it's social, it complies with government regulations, leverages best practices, it's innovative, it rests upon a solid business foundation, and is wildly effective. That's a tall order but that's what it takes for a business to thrive in the new financial ecosystem that supports people, planet, and profits.
Robin Harris
Small Business Marketing Consultant





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