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Technology has changed everything. As the Internet evolves, we are forced to become more flexible, aware, and responsive. To thrive we must meet and greet a new era just like those who were impacted by the industrial revolution. Let's begin with HELLO ... Hello New World, New Rules, New You

Robin Harris, CEO, 3 Hellos

Our story

I am Robin Harris, founder and CEO of Ta OM Lifestyle. Once I retired from my corporate career, I was still in love with the potential of the online world. Only now I could choose who I would work with and so I directed my attention toward entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Internet is, in some ways, an equalizer that doesn’t always favor deep pockets. In fact, as long as we can keep the Internet an open platform, we can be small and play big.

You see, social marketing is not the strength of big business … it’s the small business advantage. 

I am pro-entrepreneurship and pro-small business. It is a privilege to serve you and bring what I have gained from 25+ years in corporate to the table along with over two decades of online experience. 

I worked with Millennials, managed them, mentored them, and they are quick to adapt to new technology. But I knew the world had really changed when my older sisters in their 70’s started texting instead of calling.

I started my career back in the 80’s. Fresh out of the university with a B.A. in Computer Science, I went to work for the auto industry. I have spent the majority of my career between the autos, healthcare, and large tech companies with some experience in retail and banking. 

I discovered the Internet in the 90’s and that changed the game for me. But the truth is the Internet changed the game for everyone. Having an engaging online presence is no longer optional for any business that wants to continue to grow. 

I never wanted to stray too far from technology and as a deep-dive problem solver, I always kept my pulse on the new technologies coming into play. Around 2005, I finally completed my Master’s in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design. I wanted to use the Internet to create courses and programs to support personal and professional growth. 

I am a techy but I am also a fiction writer, I had a brief career in the music business, I love anime and action adventure movies, I am a preacher’s kid … my dad is 97 and he still calls me his baby. I am an Ordained Interfaith minister and helping people excavate and share their gifts with the world is my ministry… we are all awesomely and magnificently made.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a double-edged sword. We have to be mindful that convenience is not always in our best interest. Security and social responsibility have to be added to the mix. Because of technology, rapid change is the norm, but keeping up is essential  and while big business can hire an army of resources, we want to serve the small business and help them thrive.

Let's Talk About It

You’re invited … to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me. Sometimes it’s hard to envision the next step and the possibilities that are just beyond the horizon. Every business has a next step, a pathway to upgrade their business, get more customers, improve retention and lifetime value of current customers, and make the day-to-day operation run smoother. Let’s talk about your next step.


& Beyond

I took a picture at Facebook’s Austin HQ when I got a chance to tour the facility with DWM while attending their Facebook Ads Manager Certification.  Social Marketing has evolved and posting cute pictures of cats and quotes may get tons of likes but it won’t fill your marketing pipeline with ideal clients. The evolving market keeps changing the rules and being a quick study is a highly prized skill. 

Traditional marketers are having trouble making the shift. To be a good social marketer, you have to be … social but you also have to be relevant and strategic. What that means for the small business is … you suddenly have a way to outsmart the big guys. Your smallness can bring a degree of empathy, connection, and authenticity that big bigness has a hard time pulling off. 

Players like Facebook & YouTube have rewritten the rules and finally those without the big marketing budgets can play and win. But … and this is a BIG BUT, effective online marketing requires skills that have to be tied back to a well thought out marketing strategy. 

Storytelling, educating, delighting, getting personal, providing strategic touch points and engagement are now marketing skills that can be easily put to use in a Smart Marketing System.

Facebook's Head Quarter, Austin, Texas





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